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Are you looking for superior flooring to stylize your home or commercial business?

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Hardwood Flooring & Custom Boarders

Our hardwoods include Brazilian, Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, Rosewood, Mahogany, and many more. We also provide custom boarders using superior woods as feature strips. This accent dining rooms, foyers and more. For your bathrooms, we can craft your perfect shower including recessed shelving and freestanding benches.

We can create the master bathroom that you have dreamed about.

Install Quality Flooring

The high-traffic area in your home deserves a low maintenance floor. Choose from a virtually unlimited selection of designs, colors, and patterns. Have a ceramic or tile floor provide your home years of service and beauty. We also have stain and wear resistant tile or ceramic flooring for any part of your home.

Install a durable and damage-resistant floor.

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99% Dust Free System!

You'll get a 99% dust-free system when we sand your floors.

You can feel good knowing that we use only Eco-Friendly Products.

You have access to high quality Bona products.

Financing available!

Trust the professionals here at CCFlooring. with all your flooring needs. Our hardwoods are lavishing, our carpets are durable and our ceramic flooring is highly resistant, requires little cleaning and perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, basement or laundry room.

• Stone

• Slate

• Marble

• Granite

• Mosaic

• Granite