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Did you know you can have your flooring installed right the first time?  Our professional technicians install your new flooring with top quality flooring.  We know what is right for your home or commercial business.  Call today to get your flooring estimate!

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• 99% dust-free system

• High-quality Bona products

• Professionally trained technicians

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You'll receive clean, quality work, a fast turnover rate on all work. Nobody wants a job that drags on and on, and when you hire our professionals here at CCFlooring Professionals, Inc., you get just that.

Get great customer service.

Our premium products

Tile and ceramic

Specialty items


Let our helpful staff guide you to the right products for you.


Choose from a large selection of classic and specialty woods.

These products are great for low maintenance and durability.

Get stone, slate, marble, mosaic, porcelain and more.

From small residential homes to multi-million dollar mansions to large corporate facilities and more, no job is too big or small for our skilled professionals. You'll also receive the highest quality in flooring products backed up by premium workmanship.

With authentic hardwood you will get first class, honest and dependable service every time for every customer!